The Japanese universities where graduation is one giant cosplay party【Photos】

Ca, c’est le Japon que j’aime ! Je ne suis pas particulièrement fan de cosplay, mais je pense qu’il est important de relâcher la pression de temps en temps : c’est une absolue nécessité pour sa santé mentale.

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

nikata920 5

We’ve seen what can happen when high schools relax the rules for yearbook photos. Today, we bring you the Japanese anything-goes graduation! At the Kanazawa College of Art, graduating students can wear anything they want to the ceremony – and they certainly rise to the challenge.

The students’ epic outfits have become such a popular attraction that TV crews even turn up to find and interview the wearers of this year’s best costumes. The effort these students have put into their outfits is really something!

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