Osaka man caught after teaching junior high for 15 years without a license

Il se passe décidément beaucoup de choses à Osaka. Entre la prof qui travaille comme call-girl pour payer ses factures qu’elle ne peut payer avec son salaire de prof, les fonctionnaires virés parce que tatoués, et maintenant les enseignants sans licence d’enseignement… J’attends de voir quel sera le prochain ”scandale”…


FT 1

Back when I was applying for my first Japanese work visa, there was a thick stack of paperwork I had to submit. Most of the items made sense, but one that struck me as weird, though, was my college diploma. I knew that Japanese law required a college education for the visa I was applying for, but wouldn’t sealed, authenticated transcripts make more sense than a personal diploma, which could be easily forged for 20 bucks at any print shop, or even with a high quality home-use printer?

Nope, I was informed, it had to be the diploma. That’s the paperwork they give you when you graduate, right? After all, from the standpoint of honest and by-the-book Japanese society, who would be so dishonest as to provide false educational credentials?

How about a man in Osaka, who taught junior high school for 15 years without ever obtaining his teaching…

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